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CoVid Policy for Shopping

When entering the store you are required to sanitize your hands. Masks are necessary!

We will allow a maximum of 4-5 people in store at one time.

Stay 2 m (6ft) away from other customers and staff will try to keep a safe distance as well.

All items tried on, that don't work will be quarantined for 48 hrs then steamed before going back out onto sales floor.  The changeroom is sanitized after each use.

The cash desk will be cleaned after every customer and the debit machine will be sanitized as well.

We have a plexiglass in place at cash counter.  

New plastic bags are free of charge if one is wanted.  You can bring your own bag but just use it to put clothes in outside of the store after purchase.

If any concerns arise please speak to the owner or employee at the time of your visit.  Thanks :)