Festive Dresses Required

After the Holidays, Smitten will be ready to accept your amazing pieces.

AS ALWAYS CALL AHEAD FOR YOUR DAY APPT  (you pick the day and you have the whole day to come by) It’s really easy!!  Bring your best 20- 25 items in a laundry basket, keep track online and earn 40% every time something is sold.

Similar to Fall but no wool, no winter coats or snowsuits.  BIG SEASON again for FORMAL wear (Weddings, Galas, Grade 8 Grad, Proms…) Cocktail & Full length will be accepted.  Remember it must have been bought within the last 2 to 3 years and be in MINT condition.


About Smitten Apparel

Smitten Apparel offers a large collection of good quality new and consigned clothing and accessories. Our collection includes casual, business and evening wear, as well as maternity and plus size selections. Our professional staff will help you select the perfect wardrobe – from shoes, jewelry, handbags, and winter coats, to that perfect outfit for work or an evening out on the town.

We are conveniently located in the Grange/Victoria Plaza in Guelph, with plenty of free parking right outside our store.



Smitten is the perfect boutique for you….We don’t care if you were cleaning or watching the kids and getting mucky.  We love you just the way you are.  We don’t care if you are in your comfy clothes we know you clean up GREAT!!!!!