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How to Consign


1. Call us (519-763-0005) to make sure we are accepting inventory, and schedule an appointment, Monday to Friday, to bring in up to 25 of your very best pieces, that have been purchased within the last 2 - 4 years.

 You will receive 40% of the final selling price of each of your items once sold & 50% if it retails in Smitten for $100 +.

3. Smitten will display and promote your items for a period of 60 days from the time the item hits the sales floor.

4. When you create your consignment account, you have the option of having your unsold items set aside for you to pick up, or donated after the 60 days have passed. 

5.  Payouts are available Mon to Fri ONLY.  If you have a balance of $60 + please give us 1 day notice so we can be prepared for you.


Seasonal Schedule

  • Spring: Accepted Feb - April 
  • SummerAccepted April - June
  • Fall: Accepted Aug - Sept
  • Winter: Accepted Sept - Dec 

If you choose to have your items donated, they will be donated to a Free Clothing closet in Guelph, with the exception of any formal wear or "dressy dresses" which will be donated to The Princess Project.

Smitten's Clothing Standards

  • All items must be freshly laundered
  • All items must be in great condition (free of rips, stains, no pilling and no missing buttons)
  •  Items MUST HAVE been bought within last 2-4 years             
  • Bring your clothing folded neatly in a laundry basket, plastic tote, box or on hangers.  Clothing will not be accepted if it is presented in bags.
  • They must be your best max of 25 items (fashion forward brands)
  • You must pre book an appointment - it will be Mon - Fri not a specific time you will have the entire day to come when its good for you